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The Rolling Cooler with Table and Chairs – The Full Picnic Experience

Rolling Picnic Table with Chairs

Summer is slowly but surely making its way to us. There are fewer and fewer chilly days, flowers are starting to bloom, and a feeling of restlessness is starting to stir. The weather is all too soon going to be tolerable, and will encourage us to go outside for picnics, sports, or just lying on the ground and appreciating the fact that there’s no snow.

If you are a fan of having picnics, but aren’t as fond of lying on the grass where ants can crawl on your sandwich, then you’re going to want a place to sit, and an elevated area to put your snacks. This Rolling Cooler comes with a table and two chairs. It’s made of a resin material for the main insulated compartment and the seats, and has iron tubing for the stands under the table and chairs. The cooler can hold up to 28 twelve-ounce cans with ice, which means you should be able to put an entire picnic spread in there with plenty of room for ice packs.

While this would be great for a pleasant picnic day, it’s likely a swell idea to take the size of this thing into consideration. Even with the tables on either side of this out fully, this measures 18 x 41 x 15.5”. Of course, being under 16 inches tall, it’s not going to be a very comfortable place to sit for fully grown adults. If you have kids and want a picnic, this is feasible for $86.99 however; it’s not such a grand idea unless you don’t mind sitting at an angle which is just ever so slightly above ground level.

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