Roller Buggy raises safety concerns

My Source states that this Roller Buggy could be a bad idea, and I’m not certain. As someone who has a lot of log time pushing a baby or two around in a stroller, I could use something to make it easier.

I guess the worry is that having an adult parent scoot their baby about brings up a lot of safety issues. I suppose that is why this is a concept for now.

I mean, they have those streamlined strollers with the three wheels that go along with the fluid motion of a bicycle. Why not combine a baby stroller, which usually are with clunky big wheels, into something like a skateboard?

Well, I suppose that could make the Roller Buggy hard to stop, and then it could roll out in traffic, and I don’t want to think about that. It could make it easy for someone to travel downhill, and it does come with brakes. Of course, you don’t want to be going too fast, or you could just flip over.

Something tells me that it there will be a lot of safety concerns that will have to be raised before the Roller Buggy ever makes it to the market. So don’t expect to see it at the next baby shower anytime soon.