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The RokPak is a Drybox for outdoor enthusiasts


If your hobbies usually including rock climbing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and other outdoor activities, you probably know the real struggles of keeping your devices on you. While there are starting to be phones you can pour bottle after bottle of champagne on, some phones can’t take a drop of water or they’ll start to malfunction. While you can handle an 8-10 foot drop, having your phone fall at the wrong angle can mean you’re looking at a replacement.

Your adventures won’t stop because of your phone, but you do want to make sure you’re taking the proper steps to keep your more expensive stuff safe. Since it’s also your only direct line to help out in the wilderness, it’s definitely something you don’t want to be without. The RokPak is hoping to be the way you deal with your adventurous spirit and ties to technology. This is a dry box that will not just keep your valuables separate from water and absorb shocks, but it’ll charge your gear too!

This has a 12,000mAh lithium ion battery on the inside which will juice up your phone, and will also power the water activated LED SOS beacon. Through the LEDs on the outside, you’ll also get notifications for your smartphone when it’s plugged in to either of the two USB ports. There are also 4 flashlight functions for this $179 box. It has an IP67 rating, and has been 810G drop tested, so it’s not hard to imagine you can trust the little stuff to this small box.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter