Rokform is a golf-specific iPhone 4/4s case mount

I know, I know, most of us who own an iPhone or the iPhone 4S would definitely want to make sure it remains in pristine condition for as long as possible. After all, there is always the possibility of selling your iPhone away to someone who does not mind adopting technology that is one generation old, when the next version of the iPhone rolls out (tipped to happen sometime later this year). Well, Rokform has had its fair share of cases released for the iPhone in the past, but this time around, they achieved a first in the industry – with the golf-specific iPhone 4/4s case mount.
Just what does this Rokform case do? For starters, it is able to record golf swings on and off the course. The whole idea of this iPhone case is part of a collaborative effort with PGA Tour professional players and instructors, and Rokform believes that they have produced what could possibly be the best product in the world of golf swing video analyses.

Known as the Rokform Golf Shooter for the iPhone 4/4s, you can just get started right away, mounting your iPhone 4/4s in order for it to start recording steady swings, regardless of whether you are on or off the course. The Golf Shooter is able to stick into the turf, leaving the iPhone 4/4s securely mounted thanks to the included award-winning Rokbed v3 protective iPhone 4/4s case.
Bob Townsend of San Diego Golf Institute, said, “I use the Rokform Golf Shooter as part of my regular teaching program and my students can use it out on the course. I can see what is going on with their swings in real world settings. As a golf game improvement tool, I have not found anything better, or easier to use in my 20 years of teaching.”
The Rokform Golf Shooter is said to offer pros and amateurs a similar chance to review their golf swings without the need for any expensive equipment. It makes perfect sense if you want to start reducing your scores on the green, and it can be awkward using some other equipment to record your swings, so why not let someone help you achieve this in a far more professional manner? Not only will it help you save thousands of dollars, this Rokform offering costs less than $130, now how about that?
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