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The ROK Espresso Machine makes a perfectly tailored shot

ROK Espresso Machine

Is there nothing in this world more beautiful than a freshly drawn shot of espresso? It has a slight but delightful froth, and is almost hot enough to burn on the first sip. If you really enjoy espresso, but don’t like relying on the local coffee joint to do it for you, then you could always make it at home. Although, most espresso makers on the market don’t do their job correctly, making you regret the purchase.

Of course, if no one else is going to do the job right, why not do it yourself? The ROK Espresso Machine will give your morning drink to your exact specifications. This is a hand-press that will give you a steaming cup of “the good stuff”. The creator of this machine is well-versed in the history of espresso, and gives rather exacting instructions on how to make the perfect shot or cappuccino.

To make your own drink, warm the metal filter, put in enough grounds for one or two shots, and tamp it down so that no cracks or uneven gaps are present. Lock the filter in place over top of either a warmed cup for espresso, or frothed milk for a cappuccino, and then pour boiling water into the top. Lift the side arms, put them partially down to let the water seep into the grounds, and then lift up and press them all the way down to extract your delicious brew. For perfectly foamy milk, there is a manual frother included, and you only need to submerse it, pump in some air, and add in your espresso. You won’t need any batteries, but you will need to have some measure of hand strength. This will cost you $139.99, and also includes a measuring cup for your grounds and a detachable double-shot spout.

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