RoFo Headgear – The Strangest Beverage Dispenser Yet

Rofo Computer Headgear

I’ve just had an email from “Mad” Randy Flann who wanted to share with us his new product RoFo Headgear, the ultimate entertainment beverage dispenser. The RoFo makes the beer belly and ladies winerack look decidedly normal.

As you’d expect, the RoFo beverage dispenser is worn on the head (because any where else would look plain silly), it can hold up to 6 pints. It is advertised as a non-alcoholic beverage container which according to their press release:

This statement protects RoFo Enterprise, Corporation and I against frivolous lawsuits pertaining to the unwarranted use of alcohol associated with the product – including freedom from responsibility for its misuse.

I reckon if somebody does wear one of these they’ve either already drunk too much or shouldn’t be allowed to drink 🙂 .

The headgear comes in various guises including a motorbike, hotdog, various, balls, etc.
More RoFo headgear

RoFo Headgear will have a retail price of $29.95 and I’ve got to thank Randy Flann for making my day with these. You can find more info and pictures over at the official RoFo Headgear site.

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