RockyBelt is something that Batman would approve of

We all know that Batman has his utility belt that seemingly carries just about everything he needs for that particular mission in order for it to be a success. Call it a plot hole, or it is Batman simply living up to his reputation of being the world’s greatest detective as he constantly makes meticulous preparations prior to a mission, the idea of a wonder working belt is always more than welcome. Enter the RockyBelt which carries the proud distinction of being the world’s first wearable, modular and customizable power bank that also doubles up as an all-in-one solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

The RockyBelt is literally a wearable device, where it boasts of a compact and waterproof 28,000mAh rechargeable battery in addition to a trio of retractable charging cables. These retractable charging cables would arrive in the form of Type-C, microUSB, and iPhone, virtually ensuring charging compatibility with all kinds of makes and models for today’s discerning power user. There is even the option to include a 110/220 AC Outlet add-on just in case you need to power up other devices or appliances that are not compatible with the retractable charging cables.

In addition, the RockyBelt boasts of integrated Bluetooth speakers, hands-free dimmable and adjustable LED flashlights, as well as an insect-repellent button which can be activated so that pesky insects at night, especially mosquitos, will avoid you like the plague. There will be extra add-ons available including a GPS Tracking Module and a Visible Laser Beam Signal Module, where the latter would come in handy to be spotted should you stray away from your group by accident while lost in the wonder of the outdoors.

Throw in a multi-purpose waterproof pouch that will help keep your sensitive belongings safe from rain or other kinds of water, and you’ve more or less got yourself a winner here in terms of a belt.

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