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The RocketWave Smart Notebook makes note sharing a breeze

RocketWave notebook

Everyone likes taking notes differently. Typing them on a computer and saving in Evernote or Google Docs is the most convenient since you can access it even if you forget your laptop at home. However, there’s something about writing down your words in your handwriting, and having the freedom to add doodles and side notes without having to change the font.

If you really love writing your notes with a pen or pencil, but want to be able to access them from anywhere, the RocketWave Smart Notebook will help. This is an 80-page notebook that uses a combination of special pages and special ink to transfer your handwritten notes to all the programs you use wherever you go or to collaborate with others. There’s an associated app that will be able to scan and let you access the information you’ve written on a digital platform in a matter of seconds.

The best part of all this is that when the notebook is full, you only need to stick it in the microwave, get the ink up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and it will be like you’re starting over with a fresh notebook. The secret is in the Pilot FriXion pen, but when with the easy-to-scan pages, it’s a winning combination. You can microwave it 5 times over, and it will cost you $27, making it more expensive than using a standard notebook and a scanner app, but still a convenient option for those that need that handwritten feel with the benefits of digital notes.

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