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The Rocket Fuel One-Cup Coffee Brewer – Blast off at the speed of caffeine

Rocket Fuel

One rather important part of our day is the time spent shortly after we wake up downing coffee. It’s what brightens our eyes, makes our tails bushy, and readies us for the day ahead. How we make our morning brew, and how much we make varies from person to person. There’s the French Press, percolators, aeropresses, automatic drip methods, and more. As far as amount goes, some make enough to empower an army (that may or may not be saved for later), and others only need one cup to get moving.

If you’re more of a single cup kind of person, then the Rocket Fuel Coffee Brewer might be a the perfect pick-me-up for your morning. This BPA-free plastic brewer is shaped like the butt-end of a rocket, and takes a #2 standard coffee filter. It’s a cute idea, though the execution was a little off seeing that the fuel would have already been burned up if it’s coming out of the bottom. Let’s not nit-pick the kitschy things though eh?

This bright red brewer is 3.5 inches tall, and 4 inches in diameter. It can go into your dishwasher, but habit will likely leave you rinsing this and setting it to dry rather than getting soap on it. This will cost you $10, and is likely a good gag gift for someone who has morning grumps until they’ve had their first few cups. One problem you may come across is having an oddly sized mug that this won’t fit on top of.

Available for purchase on perpetualkid, found via foolish-gadgets

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