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Rocket Bottle Plus is a portable rechargeable blender

rocket-bottle-plusLet’s face it — you love to break a sweat at your local gym, and from there, it is also a journey in making sure that you wolf down nothing but the most healthy of snacks and food as you continue to build and sculpt your body according to the way you want it to look like. This means drinking the right kind of protein shakes or some equivalent combination, and more often than not, it would require a fair bit of blending. Well, lugging a blender along is a very cumbersome activity, so why not make life easier for yourself with this Kickstarter project known as the Rocket Bottle Plus? The Rocket Bottle Plus’ claim to fame would be it being a portable rechargeable blender, now how about that for innovation?

With the Rocket Bottle Plus, you are well poised to churn up your favorite drink anywhere, anytime. This is a 22oz rechargeable blender that sports stainless blades to get all the slicing, dicing and blending done quickly and efficiently, accompanied by an 18,000 RPM motor. Meant to replace existing blenders and mixers that are on the market today, the Rocket Bottle Plus is not only portable, but it is also fully rechargeable without looking tacky as it arrives in a sleek and luxurious design, all the while boasting of the functionality of most home blenders.

Aesthetically pleasing and functional, the rechargeable motor of the Rocket Bottle Plus will spin its 4 to blades at a baffling 18,000 RPM, and is completely leak proof to make sure that you do not end up with a mess instead. To sweeten the deal, the Rocket Bottle Plus is full well capable of doubling up as a power bank, charging up your other USB devices when you are not busy making a smoothie for yourself. Odor and stain resistant, the rechargeable battery is said to hold enough juice to have it deliver up to 20 blends or 2 hours of run time on a single charge.

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