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The ROCCAT Skeltr is a Smart RGB Keyboard for multi-taskers

Roccat Skeltr

If you are a do-er of all things who loves to play games, then you know how hard it is to get through a competitive match on Overwatch when your phone is constantly blowing up. You want to stay connected, but when you only have a few seconds to unlock your phone, get to the message, and tap out a response the moment after you die, there’s a good chance you’re going to respawn and waste precious milliseconds sending your fam those dank memes. To make sure you can shave off those precious moments in time of switching up devices, ROCCAT made a solution.

It’s called the Skeltr, and it is a smart communication RGB keyboard that will let you integrate your phone and tablet. Not only will it give you a dock on your keyboard that will put your devices at the optimal viewing angle, but it will connect to them so you can type messages to your phone and tablet from your keyboard. You won’t have to fiddle with either device, and will be able to send your lols and emojis without having to lift more fingers than necessary.

Just to make sure this is worth the price, which will definitely be over $100, you can also pair your phone and headset so you can take calls on while gaming, or play music from your phone directly into your earcups. You’ll get 3 thumbster keys, 5 macro keys, 1000Hz polling rate, and membrane keys to press. This keyboard will be up for purchase on the first of September, and seems like it would be a must-have for multi-tasking gamers.

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