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The ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Keyboard is a thing of beauty

Roccat Ryos MK Pro

Not too long ago, ROCCAT wasn’t a name many had heard of in the states, but they certainly brought their game faces to the table. They’ve had some pretty awesome peripherals for gamers to geek out over, and never stop making more things for us to want. While we’ve known for a while that the Ryos series was coming to town, we haven’t taken a good look into what they can do.

The Ryos MK Pro is a mechanical keyboard that uses cherry switches, and has N-key rollover. It houses a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor with 2MB of flash memory so you can store all of your configurations. The switches are available in blue, black, brown, or red. The Easy-Shift [+] gives you the ability to have a secondary function on literally any key.

While it does have a glossy exterior, it is Smudge proof, meaning you aren’t going to have a messy-looking keyboard unless you’re really trying. There is an integrated media hub with audio in and out, and 2 USB ports. Each key is individually lit, so you can highlight whichever keys are the most important to you so you’ll never lose track while gaming in the dark. Although, anyone buying this keyboard is likely well-versed enough in gaming that they don’t need the help, and will use the per key illumination for creative reasons. This is going to cost you $169.99, or less for Prime people.

Available for purchase on Amazon