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ROCCAT Kone Pure Military gaming mouse announced

kone-pure-militaryGamers can be said to be a spoilt lot, especially when they have already pledged their allegiance to a particular hardware manufacturer based on their past experiences as well as sentiment, and there are some who are not willing to give other brands a chance. However, if you are always open to suggestions, and are currently on the lookout for a spanking new gaming mouse, then might I introduce to you the brand new ROCCAT Kone Pure Military gaming mouse?

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Military will arrive with a series of themed visual styles for players to select, ranging from Camo Charge and Naval Storm, to the Desert Strike variant, all the while not forgetting that function should always accompany form. Those who have not used a Kone gaming mouse in the past will then have the honor of checking out just what all the fuss is about.

For starters, the ROCCAT Kone Pure Military gaming mouse will arrive standard with the patented Easy-Shift[+] technology, in addition to highly customizable illumination via LED lights that has the brilliance of 16.8 million discrete colors, all crammed within a sleek, compact package which is smaller compared to the instant classic Kone XTD, without losing out on the durability and ergonomic function that Kone has already built a name with.

As for the main feature of the Kone Pure Military, that would lie in its 5000 dpi Pro-Optic (R4), which is touted to be one of the most high-powered optical sensor available in the market as at press time. Being state-of-the-art, lag-free, and ultra-precise, not to mention boasting of an Adjustable Control Unit (ADCU) that lets the gamer manually configure lift control, the Kone Pure Military ought to be able to deliver military precision without batting an eyelid, even in the most pressing of gaming situations. The ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Edition gaming mouse can be yours for a relatively affordable $69.99.

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