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The Roccat Kiro is a modular ambidextrous gaming mouse for all paws

Roccat Kiro

When you’re basically glued to your computer for more hours of the day than you’d care to count, it’s pretty important that your setup is comfortable. You want to be sitting at the correct height, using a keyboard that doesn’t put strain on your wrists, and a gaming mouse that fits comfortably in your hand. Since only around 10% of the world populace is said to be left-handed, those people are going to have a harder time getting a more cozy setup.

Like their other products, the Roccat Kiro is aiming to please whether you are right or left-handed as it is a modular mouse that you can change up whenever you’d like. It’s not built to be very big, but comes with a catalog of four side parts that include buttons and blanks so you can customize things as you see fit. There will be 3D print support soon to give you even more options! It uses OMRON switches, has a soft-touch surface, and is capable of an effective dpi of 4000.

It has a 1ms response time, is wired, and will let you program shortcuts as you’d like. The logo on the mouse can also be configured to show your favorite color, though you’ll have to pick it out of the 16.8 million options you’ll have, and you can even apply effects and patterns to your choice of hue! This is going to cost you around $55, and will definitely help your gaming experience if you are ambidextrous and want to change up your setup from time to time.

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