The ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Analog Headset – when good gets better

Kave XTD_51_Analog

Once you find a hardware company you really like, it’s easy to be biased. However, you can also call bull whenever they come out with something terrible. We’ve seen lots of peripherals from ROCCAT in the past, and while the Kave and Kave 5.1 Digital were great, there’s always room for a bit of improvement.

The Kave 5.1 Analog has a 40mm driver and 30mm vibration unit for each ear cup. This is not only going to give you the sound that every gamer dreams of when playing fast-paced games, but will also give you a fully-immersive experience thanks to the added vibration. There is zero noise technology which uses an interference isolator to cut down the noise that’s not supposed to be there. The ear cups and headband have plenty of padding, so they should be comfy cozy for those long gaming sessions.

The mic is detachable, so you won’t have to worry about it constantly being in your face when you’re not gaming with friends. If you want to mute, you can press a button on the remote, and an LED light will illuminate on the inside tip of the mic so you will always see whether or not it’s on. There’s also a solid remote stand so you can make sure the remote stays on your desk if you don’t want to clip it onto your person. This is going to cost you around $130, but you’ll have to wait for a bit, as they’re not shipping to anywhere that isn’t Germany or Austria just yet.

Available for purchase on ROCCAT