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Robotic Warriors Battle Arena – one must fall

robotic-warriors-battle-arenaThere is something visceral about slugging it out in a fist fest – however, why go through all the pain, cuts and potential bruises, when you will be able to duke it out with your opponent through a proxy? While the world of robot fights as seen in “Real Steel” or more recently, “Big Hero 6”, are still impossible at the moment, one must always remember that Rome was not built in a day, and hence, baby steps ought to be taken. Enter the $79.95 Robotic Warriors Battle Arena then.

The Robotic Warriors Battle Arena would bring together two remotely controlled armed warriors that stand at 4″ in height, where they will slug it out against one another for supremacy. Each player’s remote will measure 8.5” in length, where you will grasp it with both hands in the same manner as that of a sword hilt. Movements will be translated to a warrior’s combat actions. For instance, when you move a remote upwards/downwards, it will result in the player’s warrior proxy to strike upwards/downwards with the katana or kama, all the while stepping forward to the left/right. Each warrior has the ability to perform three special moves via specific hand motions when combined with the press of a button, letting you unleash a potentially devastating combo attack. A 20 minute charge results in the ability to fight for up to 20 minutes.

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