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The RobotCoupe Food Processor is only cool if you like cooking

Robot Coupe R2N

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, then you know how much prep time goes into making food for multitudes of people. There’s a lot of taking food out of one container, re-configuring it into a different shape, and putting it in another container. Maybe that’s why meal-prepping seems so mundane and no one bothers to do it. Of course, you know that once you start adding it to your regimen, your week and maintaining a balanced diet magically becomes far easier.

For those who love cooking but don’t want to spend much time on food prep, getting a commercial-grade processor for home use seems a bit overboard; however,¬†getting this pricey Robot Coupe R2N might not be as outlandish as you think. It has a direct-drive motor and is fan-cooled, coming with two slicing disks that are 2 and 4 mm. All of the parts are easily detached to make cleaning a breeze, and there’s a 3 qt. ABS plastic bowl with a see-through lid.

There are options of grey, clear, and silver, but the price fluctuates wildly between the three of $890-1200. You can buy additional pieces and parts at around $70-80, which will help you make everything from pesto and dough to julienne carrots and grated cheese. This 120V food processor is certainly expensive compared to the $30-40 options you can find at any ole store, but these are more pricey because they’re meant to last for many years rather than breaking after the first few weeks of regular use.

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