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Robot Head Portable Charger provides juice as and when required

robot-head-power-bankIn this day and age, we tend to make use of our smartphones for a slew of functions, apart from it being our primary communications device (regardless of whether it is via voice, text messages, or through instant messaging and photos), it is also our portable instant camera and a GPS navigation device. Basically, the smartphone is indispensable in the modern world, and not all models have long lasting battery life. This is where a power bank comes in handy, and the £39.99 Robot Head Portable Charger fits the bill like a boss.

The Robot Head Portable Charger would arrive in a Flowers Series, where you can choose from the following ‘blooms’ – Cherry Blossom, Clover, Daisy, Hydrangea, Sunflower and Violet. Regardless of your choice, it will still pack a whopping 10,050mAh battery within, where it is accompanied by a quartet of indicator LEDs which will inform you as to how how much juice there is remaining. It takes all of just 5 hours to juice up fully, and is extremely compact and light for travel usage. The internal battery itself is made by Panasonic, so you know just how safe it is to tote around.