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Robot Head charging cables offer a face for the situation

robot-head-charging-cableIt was just yesterday that we took a look at the Robot Head Power Plus Charger, and here we are with yet another offering that comes in the same vein, so much so that fans of the robot head inspired by Danso are able to expand their collection of all things similar with this bad boy. Just what accessory are we talking about this time around? Well, it would be the £12.99 Robot Head Charging Cables that sport beady eyes that are not just there for cosmetic reasons, but rather, they can light up to inform you of whether your device happens to be charging at that point in time.

Apart from that, there is another advantage of having the Robot Head Charging Cables around handy – these happen to be specially woven cables, and in other words, they are rather resistant to tangling. Not only can you charge up your devices, you are also able to transfer data simultaneously without missing a beat, now how about that? The Robot Head Charging Cable, again, is also based upon the charming cardboard character known as Danbo. Arriving with Lightning or microUSB tips, these cables will measure 100cm each.