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Robot has broken heart


Heart Robot thinks otherwise. His story goes like this: “On his home planet of Xerbix 319, the Broken Heart Robot was one of the rare robots built without a purpose. Saddened by this, he fled Xerbix 319 and traveled the galaxy to seek out his purpose. Along the way, the Broken Heart Robot met many interesting characters on various planets, moons and asteroids, and eventually landed on a small planet known as Earth. Though he has yet to find his purpose, he may just find a few new friends to help him with his quest!”

Why not keep him company by forking out anywhere between $32 to $45 for the Broken Heart Robot. He comes with a variety of qualities such as standard, glow-in-the-dark, and clear. Each purchase will come with an autographed box by the creator.

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5 thoughts on “Robot has broken heart”

  1. i’d (probably)’buy’ him if he had a ‘purpose’ as in, he came like an evee and depending on which it was, aka a ‘surprise’ he would become something else. like the pokemon evee (lol) who has a possibility of evolving into several other forms. =)
    ..though really, i agree with patrick up there.

  2. Unfortunately, Broken Heart Robot has been sold out for the past couple of years, but people still talk about it and love it and the creator is a really nice guy (I met him once!)

  3. omg omg omg omg!!! i am the broken heart queen i own everything with a broken heart on it and i love robots this is crazy!!

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