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Robot drivers?

stanley.jpgWhat if robots could substitute humans when driving cars by 2030? That is what many scientists believe, and the advancements on this field will be showed this November on the challenged created by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Probably most of you remember when a Volkswagen Tuareg named Stanley won the challenge late in 2005. The driverless car , created by a Stanford team, traveled 212km across the Nevada Desert and won the prize of $2 million. The funny thing is that out of 23 participant cars only 4 managed to finish the course. Hopefully the challenge will show improved results this year.

Sebastian Thrun, an associate professor over the Stanford University, commented: “In the past it was sufficient for a vehicle just to perceive the environment (…) the new challenge will be to understand the environment. The robot must be able to recognize another car, to understand that it is moving and that it will interact with it as it gets closer.”

Most of those technologies will probably be first employed for military endeavours. But according to the scientists robots could substitute human city drivers already in 2030. Moreover, they argue that such robots will offer much higher precision and reliability when compared to humans… but that is not such a hard challenge after all, at least if you consider some women drivers out there…

Via: Breitbart

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  1. Does anyone else notice the blatent sexist remark at the end of this article. I was personally offended, and im sure any other self respecting person would be as well.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure it’s in jest. I throw around the N-word in jest all the time, too, and no one gets offended.

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