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RoboLabs develops SmartMow lawn mower

Ever heard of RoboLabs before? Well, they have come up with the safest lawn mower in the world, calling it the SmartMow, where the purpose of its existence is aimed in preventing lawn mower injuries in children. Not only that, RoboLabs will also do their part and donate some revenue from SmartMow sales to children’s charities so that kids are able to recover from lawn mower injuries. The new SmartMow robot lawn mower would be equipped with a docking station, coming in a shade of green.

 The SmartMow robot lawn mower would be a safe, environmentally friendly, affordable solution that helps you maintain your lawn while making sure that the little ones around your home would remain safe and sound from lawn mower injuries. Lawn mowing is definitely not an activity meant for kids, since it is not safe, and each year, traditional lawn mowers have resulted in injuries to the little ones. It is sadly, a growing trend, and stories of such incidences increase each year. Other than making sure that kids should remain 100 yards away from all lawn mowers at all times, which is nigh impossible, the other alternative would be to develop safer technology.

The SmartMow robot lawn mower has not been realized just yet, as it is right now under incubation as a KickStarter campaign that is aimed to ensure that traditional unsafe lawn mowers will eventually become obsolete, replacing them with the safest robotic lawn mower in the world. The new SmartMow will feature a robust mechanical design, cutting edge technology, and makes use of high quality parts which result in a weather-tight, heavy-duty robot. Thanks to state of the art proximity detection technology, this system prevents cutting blades from spinning in a fraction of a second. This Kickstarter campaign has a fixed funding goal of $14,000, and fret not, if the funding goals are not reached, all of your contributions will be returned in full.

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  1. This is wonderful! I am always concerned with the kids when I show our neighbors operating their lawn mowers, and now if this type of lawn mower is the most safest for the kids then this is great. I wonder how much this cost?

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