RoamEO Pup Collar keeps track of your dog

If you like to let your pet wander instead of keeping them tied down to a small area, you might still want to be able to keep track of them.  Otherwise they could wander too far and you’d never know if they’re somewhere hurt and unable to get back.  With this RoamEO Pup you’ll always know where your dog is at and won’t have to worry quite so much.  If you have two different dogs, you’ll still only need one receiver, which could save you money.

It will locate your pet for you up to 1 to 3 miles away.  It’s also weather resistant and has an LCD display.  It uses rechargeable batteries and when charged they’ll run anywhere from 18 on up to 30 hours.  You can also use the receiver indoors to keep track of your dog inside the house.  To purchase the receiver, one dog collar, as well as the batteries and the charger it will cost you $279.95.  Then if you do have a second dog you can purchase a spare collar for $159.95.

Source: ChipChick