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ROAM Ropes wireless Bluetooth headphones let you live the untethered lifestyle

roam-ropesListening to your favorite music can be done in many different ways and methods, and depending on one’s personality, one might just prefer to settle for a regular speaker system, while others would want to enjoy something that is more personal to the tune of a pair of headphones. When we enter headphone territory, there will also be many different choices to pick from – some of us would not mind getting a wired model simply because we believe that it delivers better sound, while others would want to enjoy the freedom of a wireless pair. ROAM caters for the latter group, where their ROAM Ropes happens to be a premium, mobile audio platform that reproduces sound that is true to the artist’s intention.

ROAM Ropes happen to be wireless and Bluetooth-enabled, where it will come with an audio equalizer which can be personalized thanks to the ROAM mobile app which is known as ROAM EQ, allowing users to be freed from a “one sound fits all” listening experience. As users are given the freedom to adjust the audio frequencies in their Ropes, ROAM EQ will then empower listeners to customize their own sound based on the type of music they listen to as well as how they would like to enjoy it. Not only that, ROAM EQ will also come with pre-sets for various music genres, offering a fast, convenient path to audio customization.

Majority of the listeners out there would say that an artist’s studio rendition is the ultimate listening experience, and with this in mind, ROAM will partner with both new and established artists to create a unique collection of ROAM Sound Signatures. Out later this coming summer, ROAM users will be able to download from a library of artist Sound Signatures directly to their ROAM EQ app, which would then connect them to the artist and their recordings in a groundbreaking new way for the music industry.

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  1. That dongle hanging down looks like a nuisance. A well designed pair of earphones should provide flat, accurate frequency response. If someone wants to fiddle with EQ, an Android app like Poweramp lets you do that for under $5… In short, the ROAM phones seem like a dopey idea.

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