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Roadtrip Video Recorder

Now here is an interesting device that might just pique your interest if you are about to head off on a road trip later this summer (for those living in the northern hemisphere, of course, otherwise folks living on the opposite site of the hemisphere would be going through winter) – the $129.95 Roadtrip Video Recorder. After all, since a picture speaks a thousand words, and a video recording of a trip does far more than just a thousand words at 24fps, imagine the kind of stories that are “told” through a video recording of your road trip? This video camera is mounted onto your window or dashboard thanks to a suction cup mount, where it can be directed to record video in color at 640 x 480 resolution. Sure, in this day and age, it might not sound like much considering how we are all into Full HD resolutions, but at least this is better than nothing, do you not think so? I would also go so far on a limb to say that this is useful as a backup when it comes to recording your driving route, since you can never quite tell just when you are on the wrong side of an accident, making its recorded content ideal as a form of witness. The lens sports a 120º viewing angle, an 8X zoom, as well as built in motion detection capability which wil automatically initiate recording whenever the vehicle starts to move. This means that no memory is spent to record a stationary image, which would not do much when it comes to regaling stories of your to your kids and grandkids, does it? The 2.4″ LCD viewfinder can also rotate 270º, allowing travelers to get a better look on what is being recorded at that point in time, or basically as a way to view previously recorded videos as part of walking down, nay, driving down memory lane. A quartet of infrared LEDs will pave the way for nighttime video recording, where video is recorded in AVI format and stashed away on the included 2GB SD memory card. Fret not though, it is great to see the Roadtrip Video Recorder being able to support up to a 32GB SD memory card, and that alone translates to approximately 3 hours of video if you are up to it. Product Page]]>