Roadrunner Bluetooth Headset Fits Around Your Neck

Roadrunner Bluetooth Headset Fits Around Your Neck

I’m not really a Bluetooth earpiece kind of man, but I do know people who wear them 24/7. It’s really hard to talk to these Bluetooth earpiece wearing people sometimes, because too often they are talking to someone else, even when they are looking me in the eye. Isn’t that just annoying?

However, maybe it would be better if the Bluetooth wireless headset users had some sort of visual cue, like a collar. Better yet, what if their collar was the wireless headset? Sure, it might not look good, but it has certain advantages.

For example, the microphone is connected next to your voice box, which means that most of the ambient noise can be filtered out. This is perfect for those who drive convertibles or ride motorcycles. No more “I’m sorry, could you speak louder, I can’t hear you” conversations.

Another advantage is that the Bluetooth Neckset, also known as the Roadrunner, has less ear slippings than the miniatures. It fits around your neck snugly to allow for 180 degree turns, which is good for all users who are part owl. The battery life is good for about 9 hours worth of talk time.

You should be able to purchase this at the Pro Idee site for about £39.50. Use it, and hopefully you won’t end up looking like this guy in the picture.

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Source: Gadget Review via dvice

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