Roadkill Toys – They take Guts to Play with… Literally

I spent my Sunday at the Toy Fair here in NYC, and while I have quite a few things to share with you, (and I will) for some reason these toys are the ones I can’t seem to forget about! They were adorable, cartoon-y, then shocking, hysterically funny and I couldn’t help but smile all day, they were thought out down to the last detail, super professional and as it ends up, I just have to have one! I mean, I’ll get one for my daughter, yes.. that’s it, that’s my story.
Meet Roadkill toys, they embody every single characteristic of a warm and fuzzy, collectable, super cuddly plush animal, of course one that has been run over… perhaps more than once… and their crucial internal organs are hanging out, but rest assured that their entrails can be tucked back inside and zippered up for the more squeamish among us. Complete with body bags, toe tags and a suitable for framing certificate of death, these suckers are what kids dreams are made of… um nightmares? Well, anyway, lets just say they should have some sort of sleep issues with these adorable little dead things.
These little guys have great back-stories that include the way they died, like Twitch the raccoon who evidently missed his mark with a late night road crossing, and Grind, (my personal favorite) a cute little gray rabbit who had a very unfortunate meeting with the tires of an 18 wheeler. Smudge, a cheeky little squirrel who also failed to yield with disastrous consequences. Roadkill toys is poised to introduce us to some other dead animals soon, including Fender the fox and Splodge the hedgehog. (one can only imagine)
So if a cuddly little cartoon-esque animal with an enlarged spleen, displaced intestines, protuding bloodshot eyes, gaggling tongues and a few tire marks are right up your alley You need to be on the lookout for Actually, you probably need a lot of things… like to talk to a professional… what are you waiting for? Go. Now!