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End of the road for the Jolla Tablet

jolla-tabletI am quite sure that we are now familiar with the following phrase – every saga has a beginning….before one cues in the Star Wars music and opening crawl. Well, to every beginning, there needs to be an ending as well, but as to whether the ending is a happy one or not remains to be seen. With the Jolla tablet, a device that started off with so much promise. it looks to end in nothing but tears – not only for the company, but also for those who have had the faith to back it up in a crowdsourcing project, only to see it fail to materialize – at least for most of the backers. As a consolation, at least there is closure to the entire situation.

Jolla, the company with the first Sailfish OS smartphone, has just issued the next Jolla tablet update, and thanking users and backers for their patience, they will ship an additional small batch of Jolla Tablets to early Indiegogo backers, but for the remaining backers, they will have to go through a refund process. Of course, it has taken quite some time to gather all of the relevant details where the refund process is concerned, since Jolla needs to clarify their overall financial situation in order to move forward.

Basically, the first two Indiegogo campaigns (in November-December 2014 and February-March 2015) did look optimistic, but it seems that severe issues with component deliveries and with the display quality proved to be a snag. Still, in October last year, the first batch of 121 units were shipped to the lucky few backers, and now that Jolla’s supplier has run into issues of their own, it looks like it is no longer viable. Hence, Jolla will ship whatever remaining Jolla tablets to Indiegogo backers – all 540 units from next month onward, and as for the remaining backers, work is being done to ensure that every single one of them will receive a refund. It will be done in two parts, where half of the refund will occur before the first quarter of the year, and the remaining half within a year – no guarantees though, as there is the caveat of “our financial situation permitting” being put forward.

Pretty sad end to what seemed to be a legit project right from the get go, don’t you think so?

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