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Rinspeed's Dock+Go makes your smart fortwo look cuter than ever before

Could Rinspeed’s Dock+Go actually usher in an age of modular vehicles? I know, this particular smart fortwo car is definitely a great mode for transporting yourself and another person around town, although there isn’t any room left for much other than perhaps a briefcase and a clutch handbag. Here is an idea that Rinspeed is mulling over with their Dock+Go concept – instead of purchasing a brand new car, how about adding on a “boot” (or trunk, depending on which continent you are on) feature? This creation from Swiss automotive visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht is more or less an on-demand third axle. You can even call it a backpack for your smart fortwo, how about it? At least when you go and do your grocery shopping, you can still be comfortable in this cute people mover while having enough space at the back to stash away the month’s supply of food and essential items. What you see above was actually meant for demonstration purposes only, where Rinderknecht decided on a two-seat smart car as the basis. Rinspeed’s backpacks are able to transform your electric smart car into the dream car of pizza delivery drivers, as it comes with an integrated isothermal box. Winter sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, will be able to stash away their gear comfortably in another of Rinspeed’s Dock+Go packs. Rinspeed even has plans to introduce a “sound pack” in due time, where it will engage the help of infotainment specialist Harman to cram it with the latest high-end sound solutions so that one enjoys a first class acoustical experience. Right now, the Dock+Go remains a clever mobility concept, and it has been implemented rich with emotions, enhanced with technical delicacies and intriguing enough for Swiss insurance giant Zürich Versicherung to actually want to drop some serious coin in having it roll of fthe production lines. Rinderknecht says, “Yes, we have been in productive talks with potential manufacturers for some time now.” Way to go! Press Release ]]>