RingStix – a Stab at Something New

Did you ever wonder why some games come and go, and other games last a lifetime? What is it that takes an old classic like the Frisbee and turns it into a toy that everyone knows, and everyone still plays. Do you ever go to the beach even in this day and age and not see someone with a Frisbee. What makes a toy or a game special like that?

Could this be the next Frisbee? Welcome RingStix. Played alone or with friends using 2 curved, (very sword-like) 25 inch sticks and a 5 inch ring. The player, placing a stick in each hand and the ring over both sticks crossed at the center, players simply open their arms wide (and quickly) in order to propel the spinning ring toward the other player. That other player then uses the point of one or both of the sticks to catch the flying ring and sends it back again in the same manner. The faster and harder a player flares the sticks, the farther the ring will fly, sometimes up to 50 yards, even in strong winds.

The makers of RingStix say that “This new and unique sport offers an entertaining new form of exercise, improves agility and hand-eye coordination, and gets kids and adults off the couch and away from sedentary technologies like computers, TV and video games.” I have to admit that it really does look like fun.

RingStix can be used in yards, parks, at the beach and more. The patent-pending RingStix product line is made of very durable material that meets all U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. And guess what? Both the sticks and the rings float and one ring even glows in the dark adding a fun twist for night time play.

RingStix start at around $19.99 for the standard game and the Pro set sells for $29.99 and incudes specially molded grips and a carrying bag. Both are available online at: