Ring Socket Power Plug

I’m sure that all of us are or at least should be trying to conserve power as much as possible. I’ve discovered how easy it is to save a few bucks every month by unplugging my television and computer before I go to sleep.

This Ring Socket product is another way of conserving power by having the user set a pre-determined hour when the power goes off.

All the user needs to do is wind back a huge ring, and then the socket will shut itself off a a determined time. This will hopefully result in lower power bills.

There is an LED to form an indicator light that has an odd setup. The yellow LED means that it is in use, green is for standby, but the red is a warning as it indicates the socket is overloaded.

I got to admit, I like the way this thing is set up. Its wind-up timer is such a retro thing that really was simplified technology. After all, what is easier, setting your cellular phone for an alarm in 30 minutes or turning the crank on an egg-timer? I know which one takes less time.

Right now, this particular design is still in concept mode, but I’m sure it could easily be made into reality, as there is sure a need of such an energy saving device.


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