Ring ID in the future?

There’s nothing that I love more than writing about futuristic concept technology that everyone needs in the present. So naturally, I admire this Ring ID, for lack of a better name. It doesn’t look like designer Hideaki Matsui has officially named his concept product yet, but it is the concept and not a name that has already sold me.

Here’s how it works, you have a ring that you program your personal information on, such as your email address, website, or your phone number and address if you want to get really personal.

Here’s the really cool part: you shake hands with someone else who is wearing the Ring ID, and now you have his or her information, as the rings will automatically download it. Then you can download the new info onto your computer on your Contacts list, and the other person also has your information.

This would have helped me out a lot at the last conference that I went to. As much as I like collecting all those business cards, they do occasionally get lost in the shuffle. Best of all, if I wanted to change the information on the ring, I could just hook it up to the computer. No more printing off new cards all the time.

Well, the Ring ID is still concept, but hey, I would love one of these.


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