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Ring Clock just goes to show that size doesn’t matter

Ring Clock
We have a lot of preconceived notions about how things should be. That could easily relate to a matter of subjects, but when it comes to technology, most people have a set way of viewing certain gadgets or gizmos. Most of the time, a watch is associated with something that is worn on your wrist, with a clock face that is round. Of course, there are always people out there that are looking to break the mold, which has led to some pretty interesting innovations.

The Ring Clock is something you definitely won’t see every day. This may look like a chunky ring with numbers on it, but with a simple twist it will reveal bright LED lights showing you the time of day. The design is pretty sleek, and you won’t have to worry about the normal bumps and bruises that scuff up a wrist watch. Not to mention there’s not any glass face for you to worry about breaking either.

This is a surgical stainless steel construction that has three rings with the hours, minutes, and seconds displayed. The LED is only available in blue or orange, and in one two-hour charge, you’ll be able to get a week of use out of it (about 15 uses per day). The battery will only last for three years, but you can go through the return process of getting it replaced for about $55. I suppose it should only make sense as the ring itself is around  $195. It comes with a Qi wireless charger where you can set the time. It is water-resistant, but it’s always a better idea to remove jewelry before submerging your hands in water.

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