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Riley is a cute home monitoring robot

rileyWhenever you are not at home, as you are away on a business trip or a holiday, chances are your mind would go all the way back to whether your home is safe and sound from unwanted elements in your absence. It is human nature, and cannot be helped. Even worse is the feeling that you forgot to turn off the tap or the iron, don’t you think so? Well, having unwanted intruders is also another thing to worry about, so you might want to have some sort of security camera or surveillance device in the vicinity. If that is the case, then you would definitely fall for a Wall-E lookalike – the Riley.

The Riley is a smart and mobile companion that will be able to monitor your house in real-time video. It will be different from most of the other home security devices out there, since Riley happens to be mobile in nature. How does it get around? Well, it will make good use of its rugged tank treads, allowing the Riley to travel on just about any surface without getting stuck. Should it be flipped over by accident or on purpose, then the Riley is more than capable of automatically standing up and continue its movement. Trippin’, don’t you think so?

Riley will feature a 5 megapixel HD Camera, motion detection and night vision capability. At any point in time that motion has been detected, Riley will send an alert to your smartphone. Not only that, Riley will be able to be controlled from anywhere in the world via the smartphone app, and there is also an integrated microphone and speaker that enables Riley to “speak” your voice as it channels whatever you would like to say to your family and loved ones in the vicinity. With a durable and non-toxic shell, Riley is also safe for homes with very young children who are teething.

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