Rideye is a black box for bicyclists

There are ways to get from point A to B other than driving a car. There’s the bus, walking, or bicycling at your disposal. They all are a bit more cumbersome in some way, like being too crowded on the bus, or bad weather for a walk. The most dangerous method of the aforementioned list though, is riding your bike. While this will help you get a workout and save you some money, there are a lot of people who don’t like sharing the road.

Mistreating cyclists seems to be an epidemic. People will drive them off the road for no reason, open their doors when bicyclists are trying to ride past, and more. For some, a bike is the only option of transportation, so they just have to be careful. If they’re knocked unconscious though, there’s not a lot they can do. One of these situations happened to the friend of Cedric Bosch, and in response, he created the Rideye.

This is literally a black box that you fit onto your bike. One press of a button and it will start recording in a loop. Whenever it detects a crash, it will save the footage from your ride. The same goes for pressing the button again. This little box can hold 2.5 hours of footage, and shoots in HD. It will connect to your computer through mini-USB, can hold a charge for 24 hours, and will cost you around $119. This is a crowdfunding project, but there needs to start being more action taken against drivers who somehow think toppling a biker doesn’t have consequences, and this seems like a good start.

Crowdfunding available at Kickstarter