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Ride On Golf Cart Scooter makes life easy for golfers

ride-on-golf-cartI know that some folks take up golfing as a sport in order to lose some weight and beef up their fitness stats, but something tells me that it is not going to burn all that many calories as opposed to a more vigorous activity such as swimming, running or cycling. Well, golf has also been associated as a sport that has relatively high entry costs, making it a “rich man’s game” if you will. Hence, it is a no-brainer for us to come across this $4,500 Ride On Golf Cart Scooter.

The Ride On Golf Cart Scooter so happens to be a powered golf cart scooter which is capable of transporting golfers from one point to another, allowing them to conserve energy for their game. The scooter itself sports a couple of 400-watt electric hub motors in the rear wheels which will propel the unit up to a top speed of 11 mph, and you will be able to make a turn simply by shifting your weight in the direction that you would like to go, pretty much like how a Segway operates. The handlebars will feature a forward throttle, reverse button, and a brake lever that would do its bit in slowing you down to a stop via the dual disk brakes. It is capable of climbing up to a 20° incline without breaking a sweat, and you ought to find it comfortable enough to ride on thanks to its oil-damped shock absorbers and four pneumatic tires. There should be enough battery life to last all 27 holes.