Riddex Talking Dog Collar does double duty


Most dog collars have shiny metal dog tags listing where the dog comes from and lets whoever know that’s found him that they are up to date on their shots.  This one lets people know in a slightly different way.  Instead of reading something, it tells it out loud.  Which does seem a little silly, but it does even more than that.  It also makes sure to keep your dog pest free and comfortable.

The collar uses safe ultrasonic pulses that will repel any fleas from attaching themselves to your dog.  It’s an odd way to get rid of fleas, but if it works then it’d save you money on having to apply something on a regular basis.  The message you’ll record yourself and you can give any of the information necessary to help someone return your pet to you.  It doesn’t state how long of a message you leave, but you’ll have enough room for basic info.  When you purchase this the batteries are included and it will cost you $24.99.

Source: BookofJoe

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