Ricoh delivers new interactive whiteboard that allows onsite and remote participants

ricoh-interactive-whiteboardForget your regular flipchart the next time you shift into your brand new office – it does look as though there is a spanking new kind of whiteboard that will make presentations at business halls a whole lot more interesting. I am referring to the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5510 which has been touted to be the perfect fodder when it comes to a wide range of presentation and collaboration activities, where among them include the all-inclusive corporate strategy sessions, architectural reviews, education, interactive training sessions, and legal team case development, among others.

With the Ricoh D5510, presenters will be able to create drawings, review designs, edit documents and share meeting notes, getting all of that done on a 55-inch-diagonal HD screen. This display can also incorporate interactive content from their PCs or thumb drives, where it comes with a streamlined tablet-like design which would make it so easy to use, even first-time users will be able to write, draw, edit, move, resize and save content on it in a jiffy thanks to intuitive touch-screen controls. Even better yet, there is no need for any kind of pesky software downloads, calibration or training in the first place.

To sweeten the entire experience, presenters are able to invite up to another 168 participants in order to view images as well as information through a virtual private network which can hook up to eight other Ricoh D5510s. Annotations that are made on one Ricoh D5510 will appear instantaneously on the other seven and throughout the audience connected to them, how neat is that?

What if you are discussing a top secret project that needs to remain hush hush? Fret not, one can only log into Ricoh D5510 whiteboard sessions via password, and all data will be erased from the whiteboard after the presentation is closed, so that your most critical business information will remain protected. This is not a computer that is vulnerable to virus attacks, but rather, a simple-to-operate firmware-based system which is a whole lot more resistant to intrusion.

It will not come cheap, though, as the Ricoh D5510 will cost $7,140 for the whiteboard alone, $1,126 for the optional stand and $1,200 for a collaboration license. Definitely not your child’s whiteboard!

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