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The Rhino Slider EVO – shoot film like a pro

RHino EVO Slider

When it comes to shooting film, angles and movement can determine a lot about how it will be perceived by an audience. Movies tell us a story, and through the guidance of the director we see these stories come to life through careful planning and shooting of various locations. That being said, without the proper equipment it would be very difficult to keep up the illusion of the story. For example, a panning shot can’t happen smoothly if you’re walking with a camera on your shoulder.

While the quality of your lens, camera, and sound equipment is very important, it is mandatory to have smooth shots if you don’t want to break the fantasy. The Rhino Slider EVO is a camera accessory that is focused at professional movie makers and long shutter photographers. It can go on DSLR and film cameras alike with tons of options for height or angles of the slide. Its battery can last for quite some time, so you shouldn’t have to worry about going out for a full day of shooting.

The Rhino Slider EVO has a wired controller that will allow you to control the movements from a distance. This is what also makes it great for long exposure photography! There are a variety of slider cores that start at $399 and can go up from there. While these are currently only available for pre-order, they’ll start shipping in July.

More information available on Kickstarter

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  1. It looks really cool. Will be great for amateur and professionals alike. The carbon fiber 24″ one sounds cool to me.

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