RFID Digital Door Lock

RFID Digital Door Lock Components
Key locks are just the worst, every time you want in and every time you want to lock up, you’ve got to go through the enormous task of turning that key. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much, but it would be a lot easier (and about a million times cooler) if you could just wave a little card and the door would lock or open itself for you. That still leaves the annoying process of turning the doorknob, but a solution for that isn’t quite ready yet.

Thanks to the greatness of RFID, your days of turning locks have ended. Never again will you be locked out because of forgetting your own keys. In addition to the RFID pad, it has a key pad that can be used to unlock the door (using your secure PIN). If ever your PIN becomes compromised, it’s easy to reprogram the PIN number and RFID cards. Now onto the best part of this lock, at anytime you want you can wave one of your fobs, cards, or tags onto the card reader and the lock will open right up (or close). Come on, I know you think it’s cool.
RFID Digital Door Lock In Action

This lock is great for security as well. It’s 100% pick proof because . . . well, there aren’t any holes to pick. Also, the dead bolt mode for night disables all outside access and if ever the door is opened forcefully, an alarm will sound. There’s also an automatic locking mode which will lock the doors whenever you leave (this can be disabled). You might be worried about the batteries in this thing, as I was, but there are contacts for an emergency 9 volt battery the lock can use if the batteries become completely drained.

All this is pretty awesome, but it’s a bit a lot more expensive than your ordinary deadbolt: $300. But come on, if you’re geeky enough you’d love to have a RFID lock.

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