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RFID Blocking Wallet

RFID Wallet

I’m not sure if this product is for the over paranoid, the very sensible or the signs of the times realists, either was the RFID Blocking Wallet has arrived.

It’s a scary world out there. Credit card companies and governments are putting RFID chips in your cards and identification, sometimes without your knowledge. Protect yourself and your money with a wallet that specifically inhibits those radio frequencies from escaping until you pull your card out. Did we mention you don’t need to put foil in your pants? It’s important to us that you know that you do NOT have to put foil in your pants. Very important. No foil. In your pants… none… zip… nada.

The RFID Blocking Wallet is a high-quality leather billfold with a built in Faraday cage to block RFID transmissions. It has room for six credit cards, your cash, business cards and your ID. Don’t get caught unprotected.

Available at TG for $19.99 (is now the time to open your wallet and upgrade to wallet 2.0).

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