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ReZAP Battery Engineer can charge non-rechargeable batteries

At my home, I have a lot of devices that live by rechargeable batteries. However, those rechargeables are very expensive.

Not only that, but I still have a lot of dead batteries which do nothing but get tossed and destroy the environment. I don’t even buy these things anymore, and I can’t imagine why anyone does. What if I was able to recharge these guys?

This is exactly what the ReZap Battery Engineer is designed to do. Not only can it charge both regular and rechargeable batteries up to ten times, but it can charge four cells of varying sizes at the same time. In case you are wondering, it is capable of doing AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, and 9-volt kinds.

This is a charger that uses intelligent microprocessors and software to regulate the charging process for these batteries. It has a “correct charging algorithm” that can handle the custom recharge of each individual battery type. The user does not have to manually set the ReZap for any type of battery put in it. In other words, just put it in, and let it charge while you forget about it.

The ReZap Battery Engineer is planning on making its foray into North American sales on May 2010. The suggested retail price is about $59.95.


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