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Revolution Door being developed


A door is a door is a door, or is it? Fluxxlab from New York is working on their Revolution Doors that comes with a turbine powered by folks who pass through it whenever they enter or exit the building – sounds like the perfect door to install in all those glitzy casinos in Las Vegas considering the sheer amount of human traffic there. Taking cues from the idea of how water passes through a turbine and powering it, the Revolution Door boasts a redesigned central core that is capable of converting the motion of a spinning door into electricity efficiently. I wonder just how much in power bills can the building management save each month with this implemented.

Source: OhGizmo!

1 thought on “Revolution Door being developed”

  1. In case you did not know they already have this in place in several cities in the US. They have on here at the UW, that powers itself to spin, when it is spun. It transfers the energy gained into a real time assist for the door, (not sure if it makes more power then it uses), but the door is almost always spinning throughout the day just from the morning traffic of people comming to work. I can only imagine how long it spins for after everybody rushes out after work on Fridays…

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