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The Revitalizer is a wax lamp that is constantly recreating itself


Burning candles is a great way to keep the house smelling good and provide a small heat source in the winter. However, the more of them you burn, the more unused wax bits you have lying around. It always seems impossible to use up the entire candle, as it will only burn down to the wick and never burn again.

While you can always melt down the wax and make them into new candles, why not get a lamp that can do the same without needing an extra pot or mess near the stove? The Revitalizer is a wax-lamp that is constantly destroying and creating itself over and over again. As you melt the wax, it will create a very strange aesthetic effect for whatever space you put it in. After it has been all used up, you’ll want to wait a few hours for the wax to cool so you can set it up to have it happen all over again.

This is both an art piece and a small heat source to sit next to while you’re reading. Depending on the color of wax you have, the light the lamp produces will be different each time. This is wired, so you will need to have it plugged in like any normal lamp for anything to happen. You’ll be looking at around $400 for this nifty lamp, and can expect a good deal of commentary from house guests who are seeing this for the first time.

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