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Reverse Peephole Viewer

Reverse ViewerThis little spy gadget lets you spy on the spy. The reverse peephole viewer let’s you look through a peephole in the wrong direction.

The reverse peephole viewer was designed for law enforcement officers so that they can check what’s behind a door without alerting the occupants though I’m sure any budding wannabe spy will find a use for it.

You can get the reverse peephole viewer from Spy Gadgets (found via Book of Joe)

Peephole reverser

4 thoughts on “Reverse Peephole Viewer”

  1. Hi Dons Tag. Fair point about the possible invasion of privacy and abuse of this gadget, but now we’re aware that such a spy gadget exists, we can put movable flaps on our peepholes 🙂

  2. To me it’s silly that some folks don’t know that this is possible. I think was about 2nd grade when my class was introduced to telescopes, and what’s natural… reverse it.

    See it’s not “full of stars”, it’s mostly full of weirdos!

  3. As far as any government thinking it works for the people, they threw all that out in these “terrorist legislations”, the ones that don’t go after foreiners, but go after citizens, and really can be used against anyone they’re so broad.

    Maybe technically though, there was court case that ruled against helicopters doing infared attempts at finding drug dens. If that was an invasion of privacy, reversing an open view should be too. However anyone who leaves something like that unblocked is an idiot.

    In the end though, there has to be a good reason for doing something like that, the tech is there, and idiots abound.

  4. This thing is great. When I’m visiting my friends, we go door to door checking out his neighbor apartment girls. We even caught one couple mid-coitus! I can’t believe this is legal!

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