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Reuge Musical Starship is no Star Wars merchandise

musical-starshipThey say that music soothes the soul, and this I do not deny. After all, how many times have we been feeling really, really down, and then comes along a tune that simply lifts up our spirits from the miry clay of despair and self pity? Well, there are some pretty unique music box examples in the past, such as one that has been amalgamated with an espresso machine, and here we are with one that is more expensive than that of a regular car – the $22,000 Reuge Musical Starship.

You can say that this is the heirloom music box crafted in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland by renowned horologists, where Reuge will bring a listener beyond Earth’s bounds thanks to a suite of mellifluous melodies. It does look like a TIE fighter prototype of sorts, where the music box plays 35-second excerpts from the themes of Star Wars, Mission Impossible, James Bond, and The Godfather in layers of rich sound that implies galaxy-spanning sentient design. There are twin horizontally mounted, nickel-plated brass cylinders which will rotate within each wing thanks to precise Cartel 3.72 movements, with its wire pins plucked by a 72-note tempered-steel comb in perfect time. Each individual tooth in the comb has been tuned to a specific frequency, and there will only be 33 of these handmade bad boys available.

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