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Retro TV Alarm Play Game Show Themes

Here’s another novelty alarm clock to add to your bedside table.  If you have a thing for game shows then you’ll love this clock.  The clock looks like a retro TV and has a few different ways to make sure you wake up in the morning.  It even includes a remote control to shut it off.  Which could be dangerous for many heavy sleepers.  It’d make it way too easy to lazily open your eyes and flip off the alarm without even thinking about it.  Making you late for that job that pays all those obnoxious bills.

The TV has four different alarms, three are game shows and the other is the TV test signal background.  It  also has a handle on the top and colorful flash mood lighting.  Which likely won’t go over well as mood lighting from your girlfriend.  Something about a tiny flashing TV doesn’t really set the mood.  You can pick it up on Sourcing Map for $19.99.  You can keep it powered up with three AAA batteries that are of course not included.

Source: CraziestGadgets