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Retro Toys Make a Big Comeback!



It used to be a pleasure, shopping for gifts for kids, imagining their smiles as they got the toy of their dreams. Watching them play with it day after day, imaginations soaring. I remember the boy next door making sound effects for his cars, motors, and screeching tires. Those days are gone, replaced by a lot of plastic junk, and video games. Or so I thought…

Check out the newest effort from the guys over at Candylab Toys, nifty, solid wood, toy cars and trucks that bring back yesteryear with some classic retro Americana. Think wood paneled wagons (with a surfboard), a roundy style camping trailer, a taxi, or a cool tow truck, all painted in bright colors with super smooth rolling rubber tires.

Candylab Toys has been at it before, and brought you some snazzy American Muscle Cars, that delighted both the kids, and even the collector in all of us. Back by popular demand, they’re jumping in with their latest designs, and are appealing to folks all over the world who would like, just a little bit, of the good old days to come back.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the kid who already has more than their fair share of battery powered toys lying around – or you just want something to sit on your desk to remind you of the days when toys were still an adventure, these cars may be just what you’re looking for. The newest designs will be available as part of a campaign, starting at under 20 bucks. Vroom, Vroom.