Retro Slush Machine

I’ve never really been big on making slushies, but with a machine this cool I might be converted.   Having this in your kitchen will make you feel like you’ve managed to find yourself in an old fashioned ice cream parlor.  Plus, being such a convenient machine this will make your novelty drinks quick and easy to make.  Easy is nice when it comes to treats after dinner.

This has an easy pour spout and 20W of power.  It’s made to be simple to use as well as easy to clean, which is nice for those of you that hate doing the dishes.  You can use your personal favorite fruit juices or flavors.  You could probably also add a little alcohol for adult drinks after the kids go to bed.  You can purchase the Retro Slush Maker for £49.95 or about $80 through the Prezzy Box.

Source: Retrotogo