Retro Flip Down Clock

Sure every gadget you own comes with a built-in clock, from the microwave to your cellphone, it’s hard not to always know the time.  However, if you’d like something a little more old fashioned then this Retro Flip Down Clock could be a nice break from the digitized lives we lead.  Instead of staring at an LCD screen with boring digital numbers you could pick this clock up that actually has character.

It works exactly like you’d guess a flip down clock would.  The little plastic pieces just flip as the time changes, it’s pretty basic stuff.  It runs with gear operated time machinery and with a single D battery can run month after month after month.  You can pick up one of these for $36.64 through Chinavasion.  Of course like all Chinavasion products if you order in bulk it gets a bit cheaper.

Source: TechFresh